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We offer fixed price packages for logo design, stationery, brochures and much more.


Why Choose Design Eclectic?

Well we're very proud to say that we’re not a renowned global agency with trendy offices and loads of staff because that's not what we wanted to be when we grew up ...

Design Eclectic is a small, well-established design and marketing agency based near Newbury, Berkshire UK. We have a deliberately different setup and a ‘small and friendly’ ethos which combined with our creative marketing and innovative design work has enabled us to work with a diverse range of clients, big and small who have one thing in common - they are all keen to be different, to break the mould and get noticed in their markets.

We might not be big but we provide a huge range of marketing services as well as graphic design and website development through our experienced team of marketing specialists, graphic designers and web programmers, all experts in their chosen fields.

We work on retainer or on an ad hoc project basis, whatever fits best for you. And we do that at a fair and reasonable price because we don't have those massive big agency overheads so you can be confident that all you're paying for is our work and not the latest latte maker!

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