Creative & bespoke infographic design for the visual display of complex information

Infographics are a buzzword right now in the graphic design industry so what are they and where can they be used?

Essentially infographics or data visualisation are graphics that display and explain data in a visual way with a flow to them: charts, maps, signs or anything that presents complex information quickly and clearly.

Infographics can be used in many ways such as linkbait for marketing campaigns, a summarised content source or a visual presentation aid/teaching tool, as part of social media campaigns and as website content. Infographics are now also being used to help communicate important information to mass audiences such as in national newspapers

Design Eclectic offers a full infographics design service from our studios in Newbury, Berkshire and Portsmouth, Hampshire. All our infographic design is totally bespoke and customised to the needs of the client and the data.

But what you're really interested in is what we've done so we'll cut the chat! To view examples of our infographic design work please view our Portfolio.

Fixed Price Logo Design

Fixed Price Logo Design Bespoke logo design at an affordable price

We have designed hundreds of logos for established and start-up businesses seeking a strong visual identity from our studios in Newbury, Berkshire and Portsmouth Hampshire.

Call us now on 01635 278388 to discuss your logo design requirements or to find out more click the link.


We are a creative design & marketing  agency based in Newbury, Berkshire and Portsmouth, Hampshire. We work with clients all over the UK, to find out more please take a look at our client case studies.

Vanson Bourne Enterprise technology research experts

Design Eclectic began working with Vanson Bourne in 2013. Vanson Bourne are a specialist technology market research provider to technology and PR companies.

on365 Critical physical IT infrastructure

Design Eclectic has been working with on365 since 2003. on365 is the UK's leading provider of critical power and cooling services for IT.

Vectorworks UK Software Manufacturer

Design Eclectic has worked with the Vectorworks UK (formerly known as Design Software Solutions) management team on regular projects over the last 9 years.