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Woodwise Kitchens Case Study

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Woodwise Kitchens & Interiors are a luxury handmade kitchen and bespoke furniture manufacturer based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The business did have a website but it just wasn't working as it didn't reflect them well and whilst the initial financial outlay had been low they were incurring high costs everytime they wanted to change or add new content.

We knew that we needed to give Woodwise a website that would showcase their fantastic bespoke kitchens and furniture in style and reflect the values of their business accurately. So that's exactly what we did using the stunning photography they provided to maximum effect. They say a picture paints a thousand words and that's the perfect description of this website! The fact that their kitchens are absolutely beautiful certainly made our job a lot easier even if it did cause our project team to have some definite kitchen envy!

We built the website with a CMS which provides Woodwise Kitchens with full editing capability enabling them to keep the site up-to-date and add new photos and content to their portfolio themselves as new commissions are completed. Crucially they are able to not only do this quickly and easily but also without any additional costs to the business. 

Initially Woodwise Kitchens didn't think that ranking on Google was a priority for the business. Their new enquiries had historically come from recommendations with the website being used more as a reference site, essentially like an online brochure. However, when they noticed a decline in enquiries from their traditional marketing communications they had a change of heart and asked us if we could help them to appear in local Google search engine results. 

To do that we first researched their local competitors and analysed the most popular search terms then we identified popular web content for their sector and finally we conducted an in-depth site review to enable us to produce a plan of new content and search engine optimisation (SEO) changes for the site to improve their Google ranking. 

Within a few weeks of the initial changes being made the Woodwise Kitchens website was appearing on the first page of Google search results for the majority of the agreed key search terms. We must stress however that it doesn't always happen that quickly but local rankings do generally tend to be more achievable. Furthermore, once we then added the new content we were delighted to see further ranking improvements and more importantly we also saw a notable increase in web form enquiries from the website.

We continue to work with Woodwise Kitchens & Interiors on an on-going basis to develop their website further and ensure they remain high ranking on Google search results. We've also recently assisted them with an update on their logo and stationery.

Why did we use the Concrete5 CMS for the Woodwise Kitchens website?

01.Live drag and drop editing
02. Previewchanges before publishing
03. Content scheduling​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
04.Version tracking 
05. Rollback changes 
06. File manager with bulk upload ​​​​​​​
07. Image manipulation/editing
08. Sophisticated SEO tools

Robin Girdler

Woodwise Kitchens

"A very professional service from start to finish. Took time to understand our business and established exactly what we needed to recreate and modernise our website. Fantastic result which we have received a lot of positive comments about. We would highly recommend Design Eclectic."