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Communicate technical information in an understandable, interesting and attractive format. Design Eclectic provide white paper design that is not only consistent with your business brand but that also presents detailed information, often complex with facts, figures and diagrams, in a clean, logical and engaging format.

As well as providing your white paper in electronic format we can manage the print for you or work with your preferred printer if printed copies are required.

White Paper Design Newbury Berks

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Having worked extensively with a leading market research agency our talented design team have become experts at creatively transforming complex data and information into understandable, interesting and attractive white paper designs. We've worked with  some of the world's leading IT companies such as Dell EMC, Software AG, CA Technologies, Sitecore and Serenova to name but a few.

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A white paper isn't a brochure which is why our white paper design adds value and clarity to your content instead of distractions or hurdles to legibility. Talk to us to find out more.

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What makes an effective
white paper design

01. Know your purpose before you start
02. Design to enhance the content
03. Consider your readers’ eyesight​​​​​​​
04. Realise that text isn’t a graphic​​​​​​​
05. Visualise your data
06. Make every page count​​​​​​​
07. Control page breaks​​​​​​​
08. Follow your brand style guide
09. Leave lots of white space​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​10.No unnecessary distractions

some of our favourite white paper design

Serenova White Paper Design Newbury Berks

White Paper Design for Serenova

Gemalto White Paper Design Newbury Berks

White Paper Design for Gemalto

Vanson Bourne White Paper Design Newbury Berks

White Paper Design for Vanson Bourne

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What else do we design?

Innovative graphic design in a wide range of print & digital media from leaflets and catalogues to brochures, reports, infographics and adverts (you get the idea, there's a list below with everything we do!).