Web Design for on365

Web design with content management system (CMS)
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Project Information:

Web design and build, web copywriting and web content creation for on365 with content management system (CMS). 

We've worked with on365 for a long time so this was actually the 3rd website project we'd delivered for them. We designed new page templates, built the new site then migrated all the old website content over to the new website where we then copy-edited and reorganised it to better reflect the company's chosen strategic direction.

Built with Concrete 5 Content Management System (CMS) to allow full customisation. Consistently rated as a top 10 CMS and as far as 'off the shelf' CMS go it's virtually unlimited in editing capability. 

  • Intuitive admin tools which are easy-to-use for non-technical users.
  • On-page editing making it simple to edit pages as you view them.
  • Edit, add and delete pages as and when required with full version control allowing you to create content ahead of publication and schedule release time and date as well as roll back to the previous version of a page if you mess up!
  • Full edit control of your search engine optimisation (SEO)


  • Client: on365
  • Task: Copy Writing, Web