Website: Fernhay

Website refresh for Fernhay in 4 working days!
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Project Information:

Three years ago we built the first website for Fernhay in just 2 weeks to meet an incredibly tight deadline for launch.

This time round they gave us an even tougher challenge with a full website refresh to be completed in just 4 working days to be ready for an anticipated increase in website visitors from a big event!  Never fear as always we rose to the challenge and with some very long days and working over the weekend we hit the deadline.

The updated site was built using WordPress utilising the Elementor Pro Add-on to continue to provide easy editing by Fernhay. This was a multi-faceted project involving planning, copywriting (the brief was to reduce text by 75%!), complete design refresh, and new coding alongside video editing and compilation, digital image creation, image rendering and SEO.

  • Client: Fernhay
  • Task: Web Design, Web Production