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Respond Training Case Study

Getting it
right from 
the start

New business Respond Training approached us for help with their launch, specifically to create a brand identity and establish an online presence for their mental health first aid training and traditional first aid training venture.

From those initial discussions we went onto provide a full startup marketing consultancy service which included logo design, website domain advice, website hosting, a stunning new website and assistance with branding.

We worked very closely with Respond Training to really understand the personality and ethos of the business to ensure this was reflected in the design of their logo and branding. It's absolutely vital to get this right from the start as it forms the basis of everything that follows and with the help of a detailed brief from Su and lots of conversation we were able to perfectly nail it! 

For the website we recommended the Concrete5 content management system (CMS) for websites to Respond Training. Although we know this has a higher initial cost than many of the starter website packages that can be found online we were able to demonstrate to Su that within 2 years it would actually cost her less! This is because most starter website packages have what seems a low initial price but then ongoing costs such as monthly charges and/or additional costs for any changes required soon mount up and that bargain website is very quickly not as good a deal as it first seemed!

Su took our advice on board and the Respond Training website was built using the Concrete5 CMS which critically allowed the business to launch quickly but also protected their initial investment by providing a fully scalable platform to add/edit/delete content as required themselves. This means as the business grows they can expand the website without the need for HTML coding knowledge or tech expertise and crucially without any additional costs!

Since launch the team at Respond Training have after just one 1 hour training sesssion been very busy adding lots of new pages proving that point very nicely indeed.

Just some of the work we've done for Respond Training:

01.Marketing Consultancy
02. Business Start-Up Marketing Advice
03. Logo design
04. Business Branding
05.Website Design
06.Website Hosting


Respond Training

"Jo and her company Design Eclectic created a website and designed a logo for me early in 2019 for the launch of my small business Respond Training. Jo guided me through the whole process brilliantly and her enthusiasm and support really gave me a ‘push’ in the right direction to make my ideas a reality. Jo has continued to provide this support over the last year, which means I don’t ever have to worry about website hosting and any issues around this - and she was extremely patient when I recently wanted to ‘tweak’ my brand colours ! Jo and Design Eclectic ‘get on’ with things quickly and efficiently without any fuss but I always felt my ideas and thoughts were listened too, heard and respected. Jo has definitely helped me towards developing a brand identity that feels like ‘me’, that I love aesthetically and is helping me to connect with those who I feel I can support and help."