We offer Responsive & Mobile Friendly Web Design, backed up by marketing support in Newbury, Berkshire & Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Responsive & Mobile Friendly Web Design

Design Eclectic offers a complete range of web design services, with the option for full content management if required. We are a Marketing Agency based in Newbury, Berkshire & Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Responsive web design

We offer a full range of responsive web design services, including various content management system solutions, to allow you to manage and update your own website. We are based near Newbury, Berkshire and also Portsmouth, Hampshire. 

Don't be put off by the industry jargon! Responsive or mobile friendly web site design just means having a website that responds to the viewing preferences of the device being used. A responsive web design will provide easy reading and navigation in a flexible format with the minimum of resizing or scrolling required across a wide range of devices such as desktop computers, different-sized laptop screens, tablets and mobile phones.

The number of devices, platforms and browsers that need to work with your site grows by the day and it's becoming impossible to keep up with the endless new resolutions and devices. Not only that, according to Google, one in three search queries are now made on a mobile device so it’s more important than ever that your site supports a range of browsers and is compatible with mobile devices.

As with static, CMS and e-commerce websites, the basic principles of web design remain the same. We start, as always, by understanding and analysing the client's requirements then designing the appropriate web page designs. The only difference is in how we build the site (the clever bit behind the scenes) to enable it to deliver the different viewing versions of the site specific to the device is being used. As with all our web services your project team will include a project manager, graphic designer and web programmer as well as a copywriter if required.

But what you're really interested in is what we've done so we'll cut the chat! To view examples of our web design work please view our Portfolio.

Fixed Price Logo Design

Fixed Price Logo Design Corporate and contemporary logo designs

Design Eclectic offer fixed fee logo design that provide bespoke logo design at an affordable price from a long established and experienced team of designers.

Brand identity is key and your logo is how your audience will instantly recognise who you are. We are one of the original logo design companies in Newbury, Berkshire and Portsmouth Hampshire specialising in logo design and branding. We have designed hundreds of logos for established and start-up businesses seeking a strong visual identity.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design Eclectic offers a complete range of innovative graphic design services.

We produce innovative graphic design in a wide range of print media from leaflets and catalogues to brochures, annual reports, infographics, logo design, stationary, corporate indentity and adverts.

With a team made up of graphic design and marketing experts we know it's not just got to look and sound good, we understand it has to connect you with your clients so that they want to buy.


Marketing Support?

We will analyse your markets and develop marketing plans to address your current and developing market requirements.

We can then help you formulate and implement an effective marketing strategy targeted at both customers and prospects that ensures you get the most from your marketing spend in terms of expertise, resource and return.



We are a creative design & marketing  agency based in Newbury, Berkshire and Portsmouth, Hampshire. We work with clients all over the UK, to find out more please take a look at our client case studies.

Vanson Bourne

Vanson Bourne Enterprise technology research experts

Design Eclectic began working with Vanson Bourne in 2013. Vanson Bourne are a specialist technology market research provider to technology and PR companies.


on365 Critical physical IT infrastructure

Design Eclectic has been working with on365 since 2003. on365 is the UK's leading provider of critical power and cooling services for IT.

Vectorworks UK

Vectorworks UK Design with Vectorworks

Design Eclectic has worked with the Vectorworks UK (formely known as Design Software Solutions) management team on several projects over the last 7 years.

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